Over the past three years, we have been restoring two beautiful ruins in the Portuguese national park of Mata da Margaraça. One has become our family home and the other, a retreat designed specifically for Nutritional Balancing.


In the gardenLocated in a stunning valley full of organic produce and like-minded people, we invite you to come and share in our paradise, learn the ropes of Nutritional Balancing and take your time to really slow things down, relax and recuperate.

We can fill the fridge at your request or guide you in sourcing local ingredients. If you’re looking for guidance on how to cook nutritious meals, consultations are available with our onsite practitioners. Bodywork sessions can be booked during your stay and all guests will benefit from access to a sauna. The retreat is open to anyone on a Nutritional Balancing programme, regardless of your choice of practitioner.


Valley Panoramic

If you would be interested in staying with us or you would like to know more, take a look at our website www.nbretreat.com or send us an email directly at retreat@hairdiagnostics.com.